4 great US hotel recommendations to spend your vacation

Do you feel like it’s time to plan your summer vacation and you could use some accommodation suggestions? There are so many traveling options nowadays (planes, trains, 24 hr rental car services etc…) that all you’ll need to worry really is where you’ll be staying.

Luckily, we’ve got your back here, since we have 4 great US hotel recommendations for you to spend your vacation. We didn’t only take into account the prices, but we also analyzed the hotels’ overall presentation and services.

Without any further ado, let’s delve into the issue:

1.Hotel 31, New York City, New York

Ok, we know that New York City is one of the most expensive places in the country, but that’s precisely why we are so impressed with what Hotel 31 has to offer to its customers.
This super budget-friendly hotel has comfortable rooms and benefits from an excellent location (just minutes away from the famous Empire State Building and Madison Square Park). Apart from those two very important advantages, Hotel 31 looks decent too. One could expect it to be awful, due to its super cheap prices, but it’s not.

2.Villa Paradiso, Miami, Florida

Another very affordable US hotel is Villa Paradiso, located in Miami, Florida. With a 17-rooms accommodation service, Villa Paradiso is surprisingly cheap if you know its offer: free beach towels and WiFi, fully equipped kitchens, cribs for your little ones and some other nice features. Its beach and summer ambiance will surely impress you!
Plus, this hotel is very close to the beach (approximately 5 minutes) and you can get to it with relative ease if you take a 24 hr rental car service.

3.Hotel Theodore, Seattle, Washington

Another US hotel for the budget Is Hotel Theodore. This place stands out with its spacious and great-looking rooms, its overall feeling and atmosphere.
Hotel Theodore is the new version of the old Roosevelt Hotel high-rise, which he replaced.

One final thing worth mentioning: guests can enjoy fresh coffee in the mornings and afternoons. They also serve free alcoholic beverages every single night. Pretty neat, no?

4. La Flora, Miami, Florida

The final entry in our top 4 great US hotel recommendations is La Flora. This hotel is also located near the beach, in an area where Miami’s nightlife really shines. That being said, we don’t really advise you to take a room there unless you like to party hard, so… better take care! La Flora offers 31 cheap, tidy and neat rooms, with modern furniture, marble vanities, and free Wi-Fi.

Last words

If you liked our suggestions, don’t hesitate and book a room right now! Don’t be shy and use a 24 hr rental car service if there’s no other option left for you.

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Five Key-Travel Mistakes to Avoid

You might have been thinking about Rental24h car rental because you want to have fun while travelling the world. Well, you have to avoid some mistakes so you can do that at all times with all the peace of mind that you love.

We will talk about five mistakes that you have to avoid during any trip out there. These mistakes will not cost you a lot of money, but you have to be prepared for anything because things work out the wrong way for you down the line.

Airport Delays

You have to take into consideration any airport delay down the road, and that is just part of the package. You might have to face long security lines and temporary checkpoint closures down the line, and you have to be prepared for this at all times too. Think about brutal winters and things like that so you can be prepared. Do these things:

  • Leave airport earlier.
  • Leave at least 30 minutes earlier.


You have to think about any overweight bag fee out there so you can avoid paying around $200 more for the mistake. Yes, you have to think about this so you can be on the safe side at all times down the line too. You might end up paying up to $400 for this kind of mistake down the road.

Screeding Luggage

Do not even think about bringing a prohibited weapon in any carry-on out there because you might end up with a fine of around $13,333. You should not have any kind of prohibited item in your bag because this will cause a lot of trouble down the road.

Gates and Terminals

You have to check the airport information board as soon as you can so you can find out whether the airline has changed terminals or gates. This information might arrive at your email, but you should check the board as soon as you can too down the road. You have to know where to go to the airport and do not sit by any gate.

Personal Space

You have to stay on your own personal space at all times, and that is truly important for you down the line. You have to stay within your own space and avoid raising a stink about this if you have to move over to another place. Think about what you need and stay within your space at all times.

Remember that you can have a lot of fun travelling the world these days, but you should avoid making a lot of mistakes while in this process. Well, you have to know where the gates are at the airport so you can avoid many problems in the future too.

You have to think about any airport delay as soon as possible so you can truly be prepared for this at all times. Yes, this is important and you have to keep your mind prepared for this. Be within your own personal space and avoid raising a stink because other folks just bother you. And that is truly important for you.

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The most relaxing winters resorts in the United States

Winter relaxing vacation comes with its own exciting moments and leisure. Just as summer holiday vacation is quite interesting so is the winter seasons. One can have a walk out of the snow and cold environment. As a person, you need to have a break during the seasons and have fun as an individual, with your family or even with friends. This season can be very interesting and enjoyable if a person chose to enjoy it on vacation at the relaxing winter resorts.

In the United States, we have the best areas known for winter relaxing resorts. Where an individual can spend during the cold seasons as they enjoy a warm environment with good customer services during the vacation. They are very affordable and they offer quality services to all their customers who choose to stay in their places during winter vacation. With the help of car rentals available in the U.S, it can make your vacation very great and pleasurable. Find the best rental services with good rates and luxury to lighten up the vacation travel, with 24 car rental in place amazing and luxurious journey is guaranteed.

The most commonly interesting resorts visited by travellers in winter seasons are:

Topnotch resort 

This resort is located in Stowe, Vermont. This is the best place to be during winter seasons.

They offer unique and quality services that excite their clients during the seasons. They have a hot tub and a pool that is placed indoors. They have extremely unique services like the fire pit and also they offer training classes to willing visitors like Yoga. To add on that they have sports activities like a tennis ball, fitness activities and fitness classes to willing clients. Its place is amazing with their restaurants that offers every kind of meals to their clients.

Mohonk mountain house

It is located in New York and have cool and suitable amenities and services for the seasons. Horse riding, hiking, and skiing are also available.

Allison inn spa located in Newburg

They have heated bathrooms and floors, fireplaces in all rooms, hot tubs, rooftop pools. Additionally, they have entertainment areas and relaxing environment like music’s grounds and bar or clubbing grounds. They also have trained professionals to offer massage to their clients.

Other options are Hotel terra location in Jackson Hole, Arrabelle resort found in Vail, whiteface lodge found near lake placid, Sundara Inn and spa found in Wisconsin Dells and some of the ranches like triple creek and canyon. These are just a few examples of the areas a person may choose to spend their holiday winter season.

Having a relaxing vacation in these resorts will make a person’s winter season very interesting and comfortable. Since it makes an individual relaxed and enjoys lifestyle enough away from the snow environment. Most of these resorts are located near the mountains you can have a view of the mountains as you enjoy your vacation.

Winter vacation is very interesting and most exciting if an individual chose to spend in the resort even with their family or friends. Select the best car rental services that are fair rated with enough luxury for transportation services during the vacation.


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Let’s rent wheels this fall, and make a weekend a family fun fare

Winter is the best season to visit a place. Because in fall, every place turns into the majestic, magical area due to the season. There are several places you can’t miss to visit in winters. So this fall plan a weekend out of the niche and rent a car to move around a little. Following are some of the best places you would love to visit in winter:


For families that love art and culture of different areas, Berkshire is a must visit place. Its culture nestles a good lot of musical, art, antique and much more reasons to go there. The mountains and landscapes are a home for hues and shades of orange, red and yellow in autumn. Lenox can be your serving host for food. You just need to rent a car from the airport and there you are, on your
way to explore a part of heaven.

San Antonio, Texas

Family and a stroll along the fall rusted trees! Haven’t you started to imagine your kids having that kind of fun with you? Yes you definitely have. For that you will have to fly to Texas and rent a car that can fit your family in and ride to San Antonio. The famous River Walk will mesmerize your mind your heart and make your mind peaceful. It has the city’s renowned rest houses, restaurant and shops to visit. Rent a car to travel up towards Bracken Cave or ride underground to amazing natural formations, both ways you will have one of the best experiences of life.

Galena, IL

Are you the kind of family that carries more introverts? Then pack up to leave for a place that has residents less than 5000. Isn’t it peacefully appealing? Moreover, the culture of Galena, that is located at the Northwestern tip of Illinois, is eye catching and breathe taking. It has 19th Century buildings, Galena River and the history buffs through which a trolley takes you winding across roads. Just rent a car to fulfill your trip by visiting art galleries and markets.


Beaches are the places that every kind of person loves to visit. They fill your heart with gratitude and broaden your horizon. After landing on the airport, rent a car and directly shoot for East Naples, Botanical Garden. This place has been elevating the tourism by certain intriguing changes. Chops City Grill is one of the most famous restaurant that is at a drive’s distance.

Mill Valley, California

The hiking is the family trip’s ritual and that can be done in Mill Valley just heading ahead of San Francisco. This is the prime spot for the families that love the outdoor trips. To reach there just rent a car and get dropped there. Then be ready to hike. Be prepared for hiking before you leave home. The range that follows along is 400-800 years old. The view will leave you mesmerized. Redwoods and the view from the top will amaze you and when you head down to the town you will have best restaurants waiting to host you.

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Preparations for a perfect road trip

Road trips are popular these days, but they began a long time ago. They involve quite a long journey with stopovers within a city or from one town to another. Making a road trip alone is boring. Friends and family make a road trip fun to partake. For this reason, thorough planning before the big day of the road trip is vital. And one of the significant preparations involves getting a car ready for your journey. Moving with your car from one city to another can be hectic since there are different rules governing driving, parking, and insurance in each city. This hustle can be easily avoided by getting a suitable car rental for your road trip. This will help you have a smooth journey on your road trip. With a car rental, you will have a variety of cars to choose the one you like and also the one with the right capacity for your family or friends. I will tell you some benefits you will reap when you choose car rental over your car.

Maximum movement freedom

Renting a car gives you peak freedom as you won’t worry about the bus stops, schedules with the public means, or high prices charged by taxis. All you do is enjoy the trip. Some companies renting cars gives you a driver to drive around the city that you’re not familiar with.


Various companies offering car rental services are strategically located around airports with free shuttle drive to their offices. If you land in a new city and you need a road trip, you can easily find the car rental around the airport without seating it out. With a rented car, you can always travel to places of your choice such as the historic sites, cultural spots, aquariums without worrying about the charges escalation. Once you book it, you own it for the period reserved.

It is economical

Cars for rent are cheaper compared to taxis which charge highly. Also, you have autonomy of choosing a vehicle that fits your budget from a wide range of cars available at car renting companies around the world.

Preparations for a trip

When you decide to rent a car for your road trip, there are few things you should consider before getting the car for yourself. However, it is not a difficult decision to get a rental car of your choice. Here are a few things you need to before renting that car you badly need for that amazing road trip.

  • Check your budget first and compare it with various cars available for rent. Choosing a luxurious car for a road trip may be so costly as compared to picking a simple one. Just go for what suits your needs
  • Consider the weather conditions of where you are going and how the place responds to various weather conditions before renting a convertible car
  • Think about who is going with you on that trip, then get a car with sufficient capacity. A van would be cool for a family with relatively big language.
  • Put into consideration the length of the journey and whether you would need an assistant driver.
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